Come out and ride the Havana Hills Spring Classic Bicycle Ride on some of the most scenic and challenging roads in the Tallahassee area. You will be riding through beautiful country vistas with lots of hills, passing by southern mansions, oak trees, farm lands and pecan orchards. The road is 100% paved and marked with White Arrows at each intersection.

The ride proceeds benefit the Havana Volunteer Fire Fighters and is tax deductible.

There will be 2 challenging distances of 88 and 48 miles with rest stops.

There will be special Package Pickup and Post ride festivities featuring food and music

All rides start at 8:30am on February 26, 2017

The Best Western Plus & Holiday Inn & Suites have been generous in supporting the ride by providing specials rates for riders, visit the Hotels page for more information

More about Havana Hills…

The Havana Hills is the crack of the whip for the Appalachian Highlands before the Gulf of Mexico. The Havana Hills Ride is 88 miles, with 3,300 feet of elevation gain.

Why not 100 miles? You will have had enough, the last week in February, when you turn to go back to Havana. There will be a century loop, for those inclined to suffer some more.

On a Sunday, when they Attapulgite trucks aren’t running and traffic is low, before church, it will be clear sailing to Attapulgus. Some of you will turn around there, and follow the arrows home.

From Attapulgus, where they open pit mine the gray absorbent soil in Kitty Litter and oil dry, you’ll head to Climax, an old railroad town. Attapulgus and Climax are rest stops.

From Climax, you’ll go to Whigham, a town that processes and ships the peanut crop in September.

You’ll head back to Attapulgus and through the hills again, following the arrows back to Havana.

There will be a band, and finishers get a patch. The patch is good for a discount on the Chili Cookoff that is going on.

The ride is sponsored by the Havana Merchants to benefit the Volunteer Fire Department.

You can get the small town feel by doing the “friendly wave” to oncoming traffic. Lift your chin slightly and raise your right index finger.

The weather can be anything the last weekend in February in north Florida, “There’s no such thing as inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothes,” if you have it bring it.

The Hills have names like Feed Zone, Kitty Litter and Church Hill.

Feed Zone Hill is the place that racers would get a hand up of water and food when they were laboring up the hill at the Master’s National Championships (2x), the Florida Road Race Championships, and the Red Eye Classics.

Kitty Litter Hill is on the Quincy Attapulgus Highway, going and coming.

Church Hill has a story, an urban/rural legend. You turn at beautiful ball park, called Dodger Field to go up on it.

The story is a young man made it in the big leagues and paid for the field. Across the street was his mother’s house, a humble shack. He wanted her to move, so he could buy her a house. She declined.

When she was out of town the house burned. I remember the house, the lady that sat on the porch, the fact it burned, and that it isn’t there now.

The return through the hills the last 15 miles are easier than going out with the exception. Kitty Litter Hill. You’ll be ready to get it over, when you’re on the bike lane going south to Havana.

John Dunn, member of the Red Hills Velo Sport, “Enjoy yourself. The only thing I have to do to fall in love with the riding here again is to use another bike.”

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